What is Quantum Fog?

Quantum FogTM (US Patent 5787236) is a Mac application for modelling physical situations that exhibit quantum mechanical behavior. It's a tool for investigating and discussing quantum measurement problems graphically, in terms of network diagrams called quantum Bayesian nets. It can calculate one- and two-variable conditional probability distributions, and it can draw a picture of every Feynman path that contributes to a physical situation. It simulates a general purpose quantum computer.

Quantum Fog is NOT a Monte-Carlo simulation program. Its results are exact (within machine precision).

Quantum Fog is NOT a wavefunction plotting package.

Quantum Fog does NOT espouse any particular interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. It abides by rules that are common to all the mainstream interpretations.

You'll find Quantum Fog easy to understand and use, even if you have little or no prior knowledge of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Fog can be used as:

A teaching tool. Students embarking on their first Quantum Mechanics course will find that Quantum Fog greatly improves their understanding of the subject. Quantum Mechanics teachers will find Quantum Fog a very effective tool for explaining measurement theory.

A research tool. Despite its apparent simplicity, Quantum Fog is a flexible, powerful, sophisticated program. Even advanced researchers will find it useful.

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