Lisbeth is a software package, written in Java, for generating code that can be followed by a GATE MODEL quantum computer. The code generated by Lisbeth enables a QC to do certain AI related tasks, particularly those associated with classical BAYESIAN NETWORK calculations. The algorithms used by Lisbeth are all based on AFGA, a patented improvement of GROVER'S ALGORITHM. As with the original Grover's algorithm, AFGA based algorithms are quadratically more efficient (measured by time complexity) than the best available counterpart classical algorithms.

Lisbeth comprises 5 Java applets. These applets are limited in the types of cases they can handle, but this is because they are meant for demonstration purposes only. The 5 applets are based on a Java class library that is much more general and malleable. The applets are:
qSym-logo qSym calculates the symmetrized version of a given function.
qMobius-logo qMobius calculates the Mobius Transform of a given function.
qMargi-logo qMargi calculates a marginal probability distribution of a given probability distribution.
qMean-logo qMean calculates the mean value of a given function.
qJennings-logo qJennings allows one to discover from data the structure of a classical Bayesian network.

The algorithms used by the 5 Lisbeth applets and the interface of the applets are documented in the following 5 arXiv papers.

  1. ``Quantum Circuit for Calculating Symmetrized Functions Via Grover-like Algorithm", by R.R. Tucci (abstract)
  2. ``Quantum Circuit for Calculating Mobius-like Transforms Via Grover-like Algorithm", by R.R. Tucci (abstract)
  3. ``Quantum Circuit for Calculating Mean Values Via Grover-like Algorithm", by R.R. Tucci (abstract)
  4. ``Quantum Circuit For Discovering from Data the Structure of Classical Bayesian Networks", by R.R. Tucci (abstract)
  5. ``qSym, qMobius, qMargi, qMean and qJennings, 5 Code Generators for Generating Quantum Circuits that Perform Some Artificial Intelligence Related Tasks", by R.R. Tucci (Not in arXiv yet. You can download pdf here)

Lisbeth software is partially protected by patents.

Lisbeth is brought to you courtesy of the Artiste company. If you want to contribute to this endeavour, please contact us at


Java Source Code (For any platform. I like to use Eclipse project development environment): (604 Kb)

ByteCode (executable)(any platform): not yet

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