What is Quibbs?

Quibbs v1.3, a Java application available for free. (Source code included in the distribution.) Quibbs is a ``code generator" for quantum Gibbs sampling: after the user inputs some files that specify a classical Bayesian network, Quibbs outputs a quantum circuit for performing Gibbs sampling of that Bayesian network on a quantum computer. Quibbs implements an algorithm that combines various apple pie techniques such as: an adaptive fixed-point version of Grover's algorithm, Szegedy operators, quantum phase estimation and quantum multiplexors.

Some papers that will help you understand Quibbs are

Quibbs is brought to you courtesy of the Artiste company. If you want to contribute to this endeavour, please contact us at


Java Source Code (For any platform. I like to use Eclipse project development environment): ArQ-Src1-6.zip (604 Kb)

ByteCode (executable)(any platform): here (180Kb)

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