What is QuSAnn and MultiplexorExpander?

QuSAnn v1.2 and Multiplexor Expander v1.2 are two Java applications available for free. (Source code included in the distribution.) QuSAnn is a ``code generator" for quantum simulated annealing: after the user inputs some parameters, it outputs a quantum circuit for performing simulated annealing on a quantum computer. The quantum circuit implements the algorithm of Wocjan et al.(arXiv:0804.4259), which improves on the original algorithm of Somma et al.(arXiv:0712.1008). The quantum circuit generated by QuSAnn includes some quantum multiplexors. The application Multiplexor Expander allows the user to replace each of those multiplexors by a sequence of more elementary gates such as multiply controlled NOTs and qubit rotations.

Some papers that will help you understand QuSAnn and Multiplexor Expander are:

QuSAnn and Multiplexor Expander are brought to you courtesy of the Artiste company. If you want to contribute to this endeavour, please contact us at


Java Source Code (For any platform. I like to use Eclipse project development environment): ArQ-Src1-6.zip (604 Kb)

ByteCode (executable)(any platform): here (180kb)

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